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20+ Best themes for Android [Free][2017].

Best Themes for Android free

Customization is one the best thing about Android. You can modify your Android UI in every possible way, for example, you can use IOS and Windows like interface, or any other theme which suits you better. 
You can change your Icon, fonts, home screen and much more.
Launchers and Custom Widgets are the easiest way to theme your Android Interface. 
Google Play store is full themes for Android which are totally free to Download. I have selected these 20+ Best themes for Android. Comment your favorite Theme and Homescreen layout in the Comment.

20+ Best Themes for Android.[Free]


Themer free themes

Themer is an app with free themes that include HD wallpapers, icon packs, and widgets. The  Home screen personalization is where Themer shines. There are hundreds of free themes and they are unique and Beautiful. You can also Customize them according to your need.


uccw widget theme

Ultimate Custom Widget, is a widget that lets you place custom clocks, battery meters, weather info, and just about anything else right on your home screen. There is a sheer number of skins available on Google Play and shared in various forums, and more skins are being added all the time.
Find all the Skins for UCCW here.

Zooper Widget

Zooper widget is an app which gives you the power to customize your phone. It’s a DIY widget with limitless customization. Zooper comes with many templates to start with. There are hundreds of widgets for Zooper to choose from. And if you like to make your own then there are some templates already included.
Best Widget for Zooper:-
MIN for Zooper Pro: - This widget contains many Minimal widgets and you can also Customize them.
Min for Zooper

Vico: Contains many widgets, mainly of 4X4 area.
Vico for Zooper

Reduct-Zooper Template/Skin
Reduct theme for Zooper

Minimal Clock Widget – Zooper: - A Minimal Clock widget with a clean and simple design.

minimal Clock zooper

Launcher 8

launcher 8 theme

If you Love the UI like of Windows Phone then this app is for you.
Launcher 8, is an app to use Windows phone UI style on your Android devices. It will make your Android phone's home screen looks like a Windows Phone. You can also customize the layout

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher

Nova Launcher is one the most downloaded and used launcher for Android. With a Near Stock UI, minimalistic design and smooth performance, Nova launcher is a perfect fit for Stock UI lover. Some of the features in free Version are the Custom grid, Color controls (for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds), scrollable dock, scroll effect and custom icons.
You can also use Custom themes for a different look.  Check out these 10 Best Nova Launcher themes

Go launcher

GO Launcher is an app with its own unique UI, which is much more colorful than the stock one.
Go launcher has its own Theme store from which you can choose any theme. Some of the themes will allow you to situate your icons in a circle to access them by rotating them and exploring them. Other options will allow you adjust the velocity of the displacement of the screens or some of the options that will allow you do all of this with your fingers.


There are many Themes for Go launcher or you can simply use the default theme. But if you love to use other themes then you should check out ZT.art, ZT.art makes the theme for Go launcher. Check out these 5 themes from them.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a launcher that enables you to apply shared Homescreens to your own smartphone. Buzz Launcher is an ad-free custom launcher that has more than 1000,000+ free themes.
All themes are created by users and professional.  
With Buzz Launcher, you can Share home screens on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


Homepackbuzz is the place where users and professional submit themes for Buzz launcher. You will find thousands of them, here are 6 themes which I found best:-

  • A theme of Few Movies Characters: -

free Movie theme for Buzz launcher

C launcher

C launcher is another launcher which offers great customization, themes, and wallpapers. C launcher also gives you the ability to hide an app and unhide it anytime. This app also contains few  Widget, like a fast cleaner, weather clocker, news, search bar and more.

Best Android Themes Workshop

Best Android themes workshop is a group of developer which makes themes for C launcher. It contains 5000+ themes. Here are 5 themes for C Launcher.

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