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45+ Best Xposed Modules For Android.[2017]

Xposed Framework is one the best app to modify your Android device. Without flashing any ROM, you can add many features by installing apk files.
Xposed Framework uses Modules to make Changes to Android Framework.
There are tons of modules out there. And some of them are so useful and unique, so we need a list of best of them.
So Here is a list of 45+ Best Xposed Modules For Android(JB, KitKat, Marshmallow, and Lollipop).
The best part is:
All changes it does can be reversed because the changes save on memory and without touching any app.
First of All
If you don’t know about Xposed than read this post:

Installation procedure to Install Modules.
1.) Install Xposed Installer 
2.) Install Module
3.) Check the Module in Xposed framework menu --> Modules
4.) Reboot your Device

Here are the  Best Xposed Modules:- 

1.) Gravity box

Gravity box
Image credit:  wonderhowto.com

Gravity box is like Swiss army knife, an all in one package. Originally the modules were developed for MediaTek devices(MTK6589) but then it was adjusted to support other (non-MediaTek) devices. It offers  a wide range of feature like:
Expanded Desktop
Statusbar quick settings tile management with tile reordering
Lockscreen targets
Status bar color and transparency, brightness and icon color change
Navigation bar tweaks
Display tweaks
Media tweak
Launcher tweak
Smart radio
Notification control
Hardware keys action and much much more……

2.) Greenify

Image credit:  lifehacker.com

Greenify is used for improving battery life and performance by hibernating certain apps. Its restrict some apps to run in the background. There is an “Auto hibernate” feature which hibernates selected apps after intervals of times

Apps settings targets settings which all apps share, such as the language, what permission they require, what is the DPI for rendering, the perceived screen size and allow you to change those values on a per-app basis.
List of settings that can be changed:
DPI and reported screen size
Font scale
Hide title bar
Keep screen on while app is visible
Disable fullscreen keyboard input
Notification priority

4.) Wanam kit

Wanam kit
Image credit:  fandroides.com

Wanam kit is an app offers multiple features to customize your stock ROM. Some of the features
Enable Numeric battery
Clock position
Skip music with volume buttons
Disable screen turn ON while plugging or unplugging AC/USB cable
Advance power menu
CM circle battery and much more…..

Xblast tools
Image credit:  droidviews.com

This tool can make your Android colorful. You can choose custom colors for many system things to like:-
Wifi Signals
Mobile signal
Keyboard background
And many many many more features.

6.) CynogenMod Pie control

CynogenMod pie Control
Image credit: droid-life.com

It makes PieControls Fully Theme-able. It can theme any part of PieControls

Tinted Status Bar allows you to change the status bar color based on the currently running application

Screen Filter is mostly designed to lower your screen's luminosity and allow you to use your device in the dark without killing your eyes, but you can also use it as a screen privacy guard!
Also, on AMOLED screens, reducing the luminosity improves your battery's lifetime

9.) LPThemer (Review)

Image credit:   wonderhowto.com

LPThemer is for Lollipop, you can change the color of many system apps and WhatsApp. LPThemer allows changing Accent color, Action bar color etc..

10.) Coolify Flat

Coolify Flat
Image credit:  vip4soft.com

This module manages your Device temperature
Coolify will give you the unique experience:
1. Keep your device Normal temperature
2. One-Click Optimization;
3. Coolify is nearly transparent! Set and forget!
4. The simple user interface and without major uncomfortable impact on user experience;
5. Never need to deal with the complexity and risk;
6. Support Immersive mode
7. Temp in status bar by Xposed

Youtube adaway

This is a simple Xposed module to help you get rid of ads on the official YouTube App, it also supports YouTube TV/Gaming/Kids
What's in:
- Remove YouTube Ads
- Remove Channel Logo
- Remove videos suggestions
- Remove Information card teasers

Image credit:   vuze.com

XPrivacy can prevent applications from leaking privacy sensitive data. XPrivacy can restrict the categories of data an application can access. This is done by feeding an application with no or fake data. There are several data categories which can be restricted, for example, contacts or location. For example, if you restrict access to contacts for an application, this will result in sending an empty contact list to the application. Similarly, restricting an application's access to your location will result in a fake location being sent to the application.


This module changes the old boring dead SMS notifications on your status bar and gives them life!!

Xposed Addition is a module that allows you to control some addition power and button features. This includes Full control of how the device should react during USB Plug/UnPlug and button re-map which allows you to assign new actions to click or long press of each button, including disabling it. The re-map allows you to assign a different action for awake state and sleep state.

Custom Screen Off Animations for all ROMs
What is this
This module is an experiment to bring custom screen off animation to all ROMs without modifying native codes.
Note: All the animations are not ported (but recreated) from ROMs because the implementation is different so there might be slight visual differences from the original...

16.) BootManager

Boot manager
Image credit:   androidauthority.com

With this app module, you could prevent selected apps of running on system startup.

XuiMod - A Small Collection of Unique Features Ported From Other Roms.

Features of this Module:
•Seconds in StatusBar Clock (eg. 10:59:59am)
•BatteryBar (grabbed from PACman ROM)
•Customizable color for Battery Percentages (20% interval)
•Xperia Z1 Transitions Animation
•Volume Disable in Lockscreen
And much more…..

18.) Lockscreen Mods

Lockscreen Mods
Image credit:   hongkiat.com

As the name suggest, it offers a wide range of tools to customize Lockscreen.

Dynamics Notification]
Image credit:  techpp.com

DynamicNotifications is an elegant, unobtrusive way to show you your latest notifications even when the screen is off

This Xposed module saves all images and videos upon opening to the keepchat folder on your SD card

21.) Vine downloader

Vine Downloader
Image credit:   addictivetips.com

This Xposed module adds a Download option to Vine. Clicking that will download the video to a Vine/ directory under your usual downloads directory.

22.) Instagram Downloader

Instagram downloader
Image credit:: addictivetips.com

Download Instagram photos and videos!
Media will be saved to a directory named Instagram, under your usual downloads directory.

23.) MinMin guard

minmin guard
Image credit:   phonearena.com

MinMinLock is an app lock software alternative. Conventional app lock software uses polling to detect current running process, which drains your battery and slowers your device. With the help of Xposed framework, MinMinLock uses an event-driven method to detect app launch and lock it, which results in better performance

24.) PinNotif

Image credit:   juggly.com

This module allows you to pin important notifications to avoid clearing them by mistake. You do that by long pressing a notification then selecting "Pin." You can unpin pinned notification in a similar manner.

There's a slight delay (500ms to be exact, from 4.2 onwards, 1000 on the lock screen, 500 everywhere else). This module removes this delay, a screenshot combo will trigger a screenshot immediately.

26.) WhatsappX

Image credit:   learn2crack.com

This Module adds these Features to your Whatsapp
1. Per Contact Wallpaper
2. Lock Contacts
3. Hide Message Preview
4. Save Favorites
5. Set Reminder
6. Highlight contacts
7. Call over cell instead of Whatsapp-call
8. QuickReply option from notifications

This module helps in theming your device to look like android 5.0.
This module should work with AOSP, AOSP-based ROMs. This module should work from 4.0.3 to 4.4.4 android version [ICS/JB/KK]

28.) Acdisplay

Image credit:  droid-life.com

AcDisplay is a new way of handling notifications in Android.
It will inform you about new notifications by showing a minimal, beautiful screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. And if you want to see what's going on, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket to view all the latest notifications, in a similarly pleasing and minimalistic manner.

29.) Crappalinks

Image credit:  tutecnomude.com

Some apps redirect all external links through their servers. This breaks intent filters (which means you can't open Play Store links with the Play Store, GitHub links with the GitHub app, etc - you're forced to use a browser to get past the redirection.)
This module removes the crappy link redirection/masking/tracking globally.

30.) Force Fastscrool

Force Fastcrool
Image credit:  phonearena.com

This MOD will force all ListViews to use fastscroll
Fastscroll is a feature built into Android that allows you to drag the scrollbar thus allowing you to quickly scroll
This mod forces EVERY ListView in EVERY app to have fastscroll on
This is very useful for apps with long lists, these are some I find it very helpful in
-Whatsapp chats list
-Super Backup
-Xposed Installer download list

Calibration needs to be done after flashing a new ROM, but you can calibrate any time you think your battery is miscalibrated. This program does it by removing the batterystats.bin system file. The OS generates a new clean batterystats file soon, thus any fake information from the previous ROM is removed.
It's suggested, but not necessary, to let the phone fully discharge after calibration, then charged to 100% without break.

32.) Xdictionary

Image credit:   Androidbeat.com

Now, you don't need to bother with opening your dictionary app, typing in the whole word and hitting search - it's essentially just a one-click procedure.

-Automatically rotate photos taken by your camera
-High-quality image resizing algorithm.
-Tweak MMS, Google Voice, and Hangouts image dimensions
-Choose between JPEG and PNG images at varying quality levels with an easy-to-use interface.
-Change the enter key on your keyboard to add a new line or send your message (as opposed to opening the emoji keyboard).
-Personalize Hangouts! Choose from 23 different material design colors.
-Change the chat bubble and text colors in conversations!
-Send a message and lock your device with one tap
-Customize ringtones and sounds
-Disable the proximity sensor

34.) Amplify

Image credit: amplifyandroid.com

Amplify puts you in control of how your device uses your battery by controlling how often your device can wake up, and how long it can stay awake. Use the recommended settings for easy battery savings, or dig in and customize every alarm and wake lock on your device.

This module changes value (path to internal SD card) in some Android APIs which apps use.

 This is a Xposed module, which ports Omni's split view to other ROM.
-Support split view and work with two workspaces.
-Switch app into split views in any situations.
-Could switch landscape and portrait.
-Support use SideBar to use.
-Sidebar Settings.

This module will add clipboard management functionality to the text selection menu.
You can also access it by long clicking on the PASTE button. And on Marshmallow a dedicated button is added (so no need for long clicking paste)
Long clicking on a clip will open it in a bigger view, which is scrollable and has the time of copying.
clicking on the large view will paste , also double tapping will let you edit and add a title

XThemeEngine allows you to theme your device similar to how T-Mobile/CM10 Theme Engine.

Power Nap for Xposed is the best app for saving battery. When your screen is off, Power Nap maximizes your device's deep sleep time by stopping services, alarms, and wake locks from waking the device when the screen is off. This means you can leave Wi-Fi/data on and still get the notifications from apps you have whitelisted, while all others are unable to wake up your device, leading to an increase in your battery life.

This module replaces the default progress bars indeterminate animation with a much smoother one. Users can also customize their speed, thickness, colors, etc.

 This module Disable Auto Sleep on Some selected apps.

42.) xAD

Image credit: droidviews.com

With this module, you'll be able to stop the ad's provided by the Google API (com.google.ads.AdView)

43.) Ifont

Image credit:  androidout.com

The app is designed to install beautiful fonts on your phone. You can download and use hundreds of fonts to make your phone become lovely. It 's easy to change system font! Beautiful fonts, Beautiful mood!

The bug allows malicious apps to pretend to be signed by trusted providers and be loaded as extensions in several contexts, such as NFC access, browser plugins, and others, depending on the device and which extension mechanisms the manufacturer chose to include.

Enhance "Complete action using..." or "Share...." App Chooser dialog to one click to launch an app and hide bottom buttons.
Others Features:-
- Show optional "always" checkbox at the bottom or keep your "once" & "always" buttons
- Change layout to List or Grid, change number of columns per Portrait and Landscape
- Change text size (even hide it)
- Change theme to Light or Dark or even set custom colors
- Hide "never to choose" apps from list
- Set your favorite apps to the top of list
- Set long press action to "No action", "App Information", "Set as Default" or "Halo Window"
and much more.

Main Features:-
Status Bar theme:
-Apply a theme to these icons: alarm, wifi, signal, Bluetooth, GPS, battery, sync, ringer, headset.
-Adjust what icons to theme.
-You can choose what icons to theme.
Navigation Bar theme:
-Apply an embedded theme on these elements : back, back-ime, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, background(translucent mode only).
-Apply a personalized theme with your own images on : back, back-ime, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, background(translucent mode only), qmemo(LG), qslide(LG), dual window(LG), notification down/up(LG).
-Adjust : background, scale-type, buttons color.

47.) Android N-ify

Image credit:  droidorigin.com

This module allows you to use several features introduced in Android N on you Lollipop and Marshmallow device.

What's your Favorite:

Mention your Favorite Xposed module in Comment Section. Or Anything I missed, let me know.


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