LPThemer: Make your Android lollipop more colorful[Review][2016]


If you want your Android's theme(lollipop) more colorful than what app comes in your mind.
Nah! No launcher can't do that
But wait:
What if I told you that You can modify your Android main theme and some apps which do not support customization apps like Dialer, settings and Whatsapp(theme these apps with custom colors).
When it comes to modifying Android, the name "Xposed framework" comes to mind.
And today we will talk about LPThemer, a module of Xposed.
LPthemer is all about colors.
Features of LP themer

Bring colors to your Android device like never before. See the pics for demonstration
LPthemer can modify these things
1. System
2. Settings
3. Status bar(Notification panel)
4. Contact
5. Dialer
6. Whatsapp

How to Install LPThemer

You need:
  • Root Access
  • Xposed framework [Installation guide]
  • LPThemer[Download]
  • Android device running on Lollipop version
  • Battery life more than 20%
  • Few finger to operate Device
Installation process:
1. Download Xposed Framework and install it. [ Guide link above]
2. Download LPThemer and install it. [ Download]
3. Go to Xposed Framework menu and tap on MODULES and TICK ON LPTHEMER
install lpthemer

4. Reboot your Device
Done! Now you can start customizing your Android

Detailed Review of LPThemer

Let see all option one by one

System: For several Things appears Here and there while usage
lpthemer review

  • Accent color: For small things like Progress bar (  Of music, videos etc), "Waiting for" icon etc.
There is two option Named 'Accent color', One of them is for the dark material theme and other for Light material theme.

Setting: For setting app (System).
lpthemer review

  • Action bar: Action bar is the uppermost part of setting app.
  • Accent color: For changing color of  Headings like Wireless and networks, device, personal and system.

Status bar: For Notification panel
lpthemer review

lpthemer review

  • Primary color: Change background color of Uppermost part of Notification bar
  • Secondary color: Change Background color of lower part
  • Accent color: See image
And other options for minor changes

Contact: For contact app Change color of these things
lpthemer review

  • Background color
  • Action bar
  • Contact name
  • Contact number
And much more

Dialer:- For dialer app Change colors of these things
lpthemer reviewlpthemer review

  • Action bar
  • Digits
  • Action bar
  • Background color
  • Contact name
and other things

Whatsapp: For Whatsapp app
lpthemer review

  • Actionbar color: Change color of top part of app
  • Accent color: For Progress bar and other
  • Send bubble color:
  • Recieve Bubble color

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Images of customized apps

lpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample images

lpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample images

lpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample images

lpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample images

lpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample imageslpthemer sample images

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Does clean master really work? We put it to the test

Not every smartphone comes with performance beast specs.
The budget segment of smartphones now have some powerful phones and perform well at their price point, but many smartphones today need some pushing to overcome the further limitation.
There are many well-known apps for memory cleaning, task killing and RAM boosting and one them is the Clean master.
But Wait:-
Does clean master really work?
Somebody says yes and somebody says no, but after reading this post the answer will be clear

For better results, we included DU booster and 360 lite in our benchmark.

How we tested the apps

We benchmarked the phone on CPU and RAM usage right after restarting it, when the number of processes on memory are the bare minimum, and also after launching four memory hungry games and apps, where the memory is being taxed and apps are being offloaded from memory on opening any new app.
Taking these two benchmarks, we compared them against a benchmark taken right after cleaning the memory using a third party cleaner app.

Apps we tested-

Clean master-
Our first test was done on the highly acclaimed, highly rated Clean Master (Boost and Applock).
Apart from the Phone Boost feature, Clean Master has a ton of additional features including the more popular junk cleaning feature and takes into account both the internal as well as external memory when it analyses your storage problem.
Compared to manual cleaning, Clean Master did give some marginally better results on benchmarks, with better numbers for both the CPU Usage as well as the RAM usage.

DU battery saver-
Another highly used app for this purpose is the DU Speed Booster and Antivirus.
With more than 100 million downloads and an average rating of 4.5, DU Booster set expectations high.
The app itself offered a lot more features than Clean Master, including the dedicated Game Booster, App Optimizer and App monitor.
On being tested with the benchmarks after using a host of these cleaning and optimizing features in no particular order, DU Booster actually posted barely better numbers than Clean Master.

360 security lite- Of all the apps we tested, this one was the fastest on its own, with a minimalistic material design oriented interface.
Not to mention that it also comes with an antivirus feature that scans your system for viruses and spyware. The “Boost” feature works in a pretty standard way and we got similar performance compared to the other apps.
Add caption


Standard Antutu score - 16,923 
Load Antutu score-  16,689

Here are the results-

Apps Before cleaning After cleaning
Clean master 16,689 17,181
DU booster 16,689 17,231
360 security lite 16.689 17,164
Note that:-

  • The "before cleaning score" is the score when some heavy games and apps running in background 
  • After testing an app we restarted the phone and the test is repeated with another app

So finally, does clean master actually work?

So our result shows that there is some improvement in scores, but actually, they are not doing what they claim.
All memory cleaning apps take RAM, CPU, and battery juice.
And when it comes to killing apps in the background, you can do it by simply killing those apps through task managers.
And one more thing
Android manage RAM in a unique way, means if your phone hangs then it's your processor fault.

How Android handles RAM

In Windows when the RAM limit is exceeded, the OS starts using a hard drive.
And Hard-drive is much slower than RAM. RAM are created for fast access and the program which running on the hard drive will lag a lot.

In android, if RAM limit is exceeded, instead using your flash drive OS starting killing apps which running in the background to free some RAM.
However you must be thinking why Android lags too much sometimes, actually the processor is responsible for this.
It is the processor strength of multitasking and handling apps which affect a smartphone performance. If an apps lag, it is the processor, not RAM.

What does clean master or memory cleaning app do?

Actually, memory cleaning apps drop all unnecessary application from RAM, but not from the Recent task list.
And this is the reason that even after cleaning or boosting your phone some application opens back. Here, lies the crux how these apps work.
Actually, these apps only consuming RAM and CPU and not doing what they are claiming. However, all of these apps also comes with "clean junk" or an antivirus feature.
And all of these apps have their lite versions with same features (except some gimmicky features) and these lite versions consume less RAM and CPU. So  I recommend that you must use the lite version instead of full version.

How to stop all heavy apps to running in the background?(for real!)

  • Greenify - It is the best app for hibernating all apps of your choice. Greenify stop application to run in the background until you open that application. 
Download Greenify from here

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  • Use lite versions of application- Some of the apps have their lite version available in Playstore. Use them, they use less resource of your smartphone.
  • Install a Custom ROM- Installing Custom ROM is a bit difficult. READ full guide for it here. Some of the ROMs are lite and use low resources of smartphones.


So it is clear that all Task killer and memory cleaning apps are a waste. As most of the smartphone have an inbuilt task killing features so avoid using such heavy apps. You can use their lite version for cleaning system junk and as an antivirus.

And if killing background apps is your main concern then go to Greenify. You can flash Custom ROMs you are familiar with android troubleshooting.

If you know any other methods for task killing and boosting performance than share them on the comment section.

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How to enable Android navigation bar (soft keys) and customize it

Navigation bar in Android was introduced in Nexus device (Android 4.0). Today most of smartphone feature soft navigation buttons because they save space for hardware and looks good too. However, if you want them in your smartphone for a specific reason than you are at the right post. According to a survey every 1 in 4 person use a smashed smartphone and if you have broken your hardware buttons or you just love them tha keep reading. You will also learn how to customize them, make them transparent or colorful (cool isn't).
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How to enable navigation bar in Android. (Soft keys)

There are two methods to do this

Method 1: Editing Build.prop file
Method 2: Using Xposed module

Method 1:

You need:
Root explorer
Root access on your device.
Few fingers to operate Device(Just kidding)

  • Download Root explorer from here and install it
  • Open it and goto the root of system /system
  • Find build.prop And open it with Root explorer text editor
  • At the very end add this line   qemu.hw.mainkeys=0        See image for better demonstration.
  • Save and exit app and than Reboot your device.
enable navigation bar in Android using file explorer

Done! Enjoy Android navigation bar.

Method 2:

You need:
Xposed framework --> Here is full guide
Gravity box--> Here is full guide
Root access on your Device
And yes few fingers

  • Install Xposed framework ( See above) and gravity box( see above).
  • After reboot open gravity box and tap on navigation bar.
  • Activate it.
  • Reboot your device.
enable navigation bar in Android

Done!! Now soft keys on your android device.

How to customize navigation bar in Android devices.

So you have learned about activating navigation bar now you will learn about customizing them. You can change there look (kitkat version or lollipop version) or you can make them colorful, transparent, bigger, smaller and change keys position (If you are right or left handed).

You need:
Xposed framework and Gravity box in your Device
Root access

  • Install Xposed framework than gravity box (see avbove).
  • Open Gravity box and tap on Navigation bar
  • You will see barrage of option to customize according to your need.
  • After customizing reboot your Device
use gravity box to customize navigation bar android

If you facing any problem in enabling navigation bar than let us know at comment section.

How to open Facebook full desktop website on Android

The usability of Facebook desktop version is far easy if compared to android app or mobile version site. If you are admin of a brand page, you cannot access all of features on mobile version. Actually the mobile version of Facebook is light and need low bandwidth. So it works faster to give better user experience and also work easily on slow connection. However if you need it in desktop version than here are some tricks.
open desktop version of facebook in android

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Tricks to open Facebook desktop site on Android

  •  Use Inbuilt option in Facebook mobile site

Facebook already provide a option on there mobile site to switch back to desktop version. To do this follow these steps.
1.) Open Facebook in your browser(Any browser).
2.) Now tap on three lines located at upper right corner.
3.) Scroll down and click on "Desktop site"

  • You can also use chrome inbuilt option

Many browser and one of them Chrome provide an inbuilt option to open desktop version of any website. Follow these steps
1.) Open Facebook site
2.) Click on three dots(Menu) at upper right
3.) Check "request desktop site".

use chrome feature to open facebook desktop site

  • Use URL

This a simple and faster way.
-You can simply open Facebook desktop version by typing this http://www.facebook.com/home.php. Always use www and bookmark it for easiness. See the image for better demonstration
use url or link to open facebook desktop site

These are 3 tricks to open Facebook desktop site on android.
If you facing any problem or Know any other tricks than comment it on comment section.

Google play store not working? Here are 7 Proven fixes

Google play store is one of the most important and best app store for android. However, sometimes it stops working for many reasons. Below are some fixes for play store not working issue.
For Rooted device see the last method
fix for google play store not working

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Some common reason for "Google play store not working"

  • Outdated application
  • Network problems
  • Using 3rd part application for hacking purposes
  • Incorrect date and time
  • Other issues with your ROM.

7 Way to fix " Google play store not working":---->

1.) Clear cache and data of Play store

Cache feature is to save your time and bandwidth. And to serve the best apps of your need. However, sometime it causes some error. So clear cache in
  Settings-> App manager-> Play store.
clear cache to fix google play store error
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2.) Correct date and time of your android device.

Sometime many people set their device time at future or past to cheat some games (me too). And for that reason Google play service start facing issue. This is one the reason behind "no connection" issue. To change Goto
Settings-> Date and time -> Check the Automatic date&time
fix date and time to fix google play store error

3.) Uninstall Updates of Play store

Sometime, the updates cause the issue. If you facing the issue after an update, try to uninstall update. T o uninstall Goto
Settings-> Apps/App manager --> Play store --> Uninstall update
To find the version right behind that update version, Goto APKmirror and download suitable version.
uninstall updates of play store to fix the issue

4.) Check your Download manger

Play store Download all apps with download manager. And what if the background data of download manager is restricted. And if your Download manger is disabled. In both case its impossible to download any app.
To enable
Settings--> apps --> Download manager--> enable
To remove restriction of background data
Settings--> Data usage --> Download manager --> Uncheck background data
check download manager to fix google play store

5.) Update Google play services

Google play services is like the soul of Android. So keep it up to date. By default Google play service update automatically but sometimes the background data is disabled which stop it from update.

6.) Reset your Google account

If all of process are not working then remove and add your Google account. To do this Goto:
Settings--> Accounts--> Google--> Tap on menu button or three dots at top corner. --> Remove account.
To add it again tap on create a account.
reset google account to fix google play store

7.) Edit host file

This method need root and only for advance users. 
1. Download Total Commander from Play Store or click HERE.
2. Install it
3. Open Total Commander and Goto Root of System. (/ )
4. Open the etc folder.
5. Find the file named "hosts", and hold it for 3 seconds. Choose edit file, and choose Total Commander Text Editor if prompted.
6. Delete everything and paste this at the first line: " localhost".
7. Save the file (Overwrite).


So here are all possible fixes for "Google play store not working". If you facing any problem than this tips and tricks will help you. I recommend the last one step to rooted users, as it need less time and have a success rate of 99%

If you know any other tricks and way or facing any problem, then comment it on comment section.

How to bypass Facebook photo tag verification. (Latest tricks)

Facebook is very strict on fake profiles which try to spam and show over excessive activities. For this an auto bot (software) work 24x7 to find such profiles. They detect several activities like sending too many friend request, spamming, fake name and if people report against you and block a profile temporarily. However, sometimes some genuine profiles get blocked and they several verification process to open. So how to bypass Facebook photo tag verification, Well there are some simple tricks for help.
bypass facebook verification trick

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Use tunnelbear app.

  1. Download Tunnelbear app in your android or iOS device. Here are the links--> Android/iOS
  2. Create an account and change your location to Japan
  3. Now login with your blocked Facebook profile and enter captcha code.
  4. Verification process will be automatically bypassed.
  5. But they will ask mobile no for verification. Give your mobile no. and you will receive code in seconds
  6. Enter the code to take back your precious profile.
use tunnelbear app for photo tag verification

Pc method.

Above method is only for smartphones, but this one is for windows PCs. You will have to set Japanese proxy to work.

Open your Browser.

Set these proxies in your browser.

Port - 3128

For Mozilla Firefox  --> Goto options-> Advance  -> Network and change your proxy settings there.

For Chrome --> Settings -> Advanced options -> Network -> Change proxy settings there

2.) Open mobile version Login to your blocked Facebook profile and give your phone no to verify.

3.) Enter the code and there is your id.

Use Google search trick.

This one is time taking, but you have not to change proxies or download anything.

  1. When Facebook ask you the person in the image. they will give you 6 names.
  2. Goto Google and search every person on Google like this Facebook + "name of person"
  3. Search in Google images and match name with the image.
  4. Do this with every photo. This trick is a bit lengthy, but with 100% working guarantee.
use google search for facebook photo verification

How to avoid blockage of profile in facebook.

  • Avoid taging more friend
  • Avoid changing your name
  • avoid use of sripts
  • Avoid use of auto likers or auto followers
  • Avoid sending too much friend request.


So these are the tricks to bypass photo tag verification easily. If you know any other better trick, Do let us know at the comment section. 

7 Best security apps for virus protection for Android

Android has the largest market share in smartphone OSs. Increasing popularity also comes with increasing malware attack, phishing and other attacks. For this many Antivirus available out there in Playstore, but which best for virus protection for your android.

Look at these best Antivirus apps for virus protection for android which protect your device from all malware attacks.
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Best Antivirus apps for Android.

1.) 360 Security (free)

360 security is the best among all. Why? Because its provide a lot of bang in zero bucks and with 4.6 rating on Playstore and the most used antivirus, it is easily the best.

Its offers many feaures including a junk file cleaner, memory booster to free RAM, a power saving option, app management, privacy with encryption, and anti-theft tools for locating or remotely wiping your phone.
The app lock is one of the best feature. And 360 security is totally free.
[Download link]

2.) Avast! Mobile security (Free/paid)

Avast! is also a good option. It is downloaded 100 million times, With 4.5 ratings and a branded name make this a great one.

Avast contains a lot of tools including the usual device scanning, app scanning, and real-time protection, anti-theft tool, and the ability to remote lock your device in case you lose it. Most of the tools are free of cost, but there some in app purchase.

3.) CM security  (free)

CM security is one the first antivirus solution for android. Today the competition is tough, but CM security still offers some good tools. With 4.7 ratings this application still performing good. Some features including app scanning, applock (Fingerprint locking too), etc. The best part is that it is fully free of cost.

4.) AVG antivirus security (free/paid)

AVG is a common name in PC antivirus market and it is also performing well in Android. It is very light when compared to the other. And with 100 million download and  4.4 ratings it performing good.

Talking about features and tools it offers real-time protection, device scanning, and consistent antivirus database updates, task killer, anti-theft features, remote device data wiping, and you can monitor things like battery, storage, and data usage. There are in app purchase.
Download here

5.) Avira antivirus security (Free)

Avira is new in the android antivirus market, but rising repeatedly. Avira is a bit of heavier than others, but its worth it.

Some basic tools like device scanning, real-time protection, and ability to scan the external SD. Other advance tool like a Stagefright Advisor. There is also some anti-theft feature, privacy features, blacklisting features, and device admin features.

6.) Kaspersky internet security

Kaspersky is also new in the competition. Some free features like scanning for malware and viruses and paid tools include real-time protection, anti-phishing, cloud protection, and anti-theft, sounding an alarm to help find your lost device.
Kaspersky is a heavy application and most features are available in paid version.

7.) Lookout

Lookout is a nice option and this app manage all malware and viruses very well.
Free version includes app scanning, anti-theft protection. Paid version includes anti-theft alerts, real-time web browsing protection, a privacy adviser, and some data backup features. Lookout is light and good for some low range smartphones.

Final thoughts:-

 Android antiviruses always are in discussion that they are needed or not. However, if you are very sensitive for your android phone security and privacy than why not try these app.

These apps for virus protection for android and anti-theft protection save you from any privacy issue. There are many unknown applications which are available on Playstore or on any other site which sounds good, but they contain malware and viruses. So  I recommend you that choose any of the antiviruses to stay protected.